What do we do




Because the concepts ‘clean’ and ‘filthy’ could be considered subjective, the VSR and TNO have developed a generally accepted quality measuring method to transform the subjective into the objective. They have created a system that uses a consistent and clear set of rules requirement, before something can be deemed ‘clean’ it must meet these requirements and abide by these rules. This frame of rules and requirements can easily be wielded by both the firm as well as the clients. Only those who follow the guidelines set up by the VSR and TNO are allowed to carry their quality mark. WIM Facility Services is one of those organizations that have gained permission to carry this specific quality mark. All of the quality testing we do is within the guidelines set up by the VSR and TNO and we perform them for agencies authorities, such as: governments, health care organizations and educational establishments.


The moment there is a change of supplier, with regards to cleaning services, for our client there is the possibility to execute a benchmark test. We advise our clients to make us e of this test, because it creates quite some insight as to the quality of the cleaning services at the moment take-over. It will show exactly what are the weaker and stronger points of current cleaning process, from which we can derive the most efficient plan of action in order to bring it to whole other level.
We prefer to do benchmark testing 3 weeks before the start of the new supplier’s contract. This way there will be enough time to regain possible lost ground concerning the previous supplier’s activities, so the new supplier will have the opportunity to get off to a good start.


How employees experience their working place is of vital importance to the working conditions. Those who work in a clean office feel better, call in sick less often and are more productive, than when this is not the case. Because of this it is very important that the employer becomes well acquainted with how his/her employees experience the building(s) in which they are stationed. By using surveys we will measure the way in which the employees experience their working space, this will provide us with further insights into which criteria we need to delve deeper into in order to improve the cleaning services.


The VSR Quality Measuring System (VSR-KMS) is a system developed by the VSR in collaboration with the TNO in order measure the quality of cleaning services, based on certain technical and objective cleaning criteria. We use an entirely digital kit of this VSR-KMS (version 3 and 3), which upholds all the necessary standards and regulations and is one of our most important tools for testing and researching the quality of the client’s cleaning services. This in turn will help us give shape to the best possible advice.


The VSR Daily Quality Measuring System (VSR-DKS), maps out the daily cleaning activities and shows us the status of quality of the cleaning services at that particular moment. Because of the option to get daily feedback it enables people to deliver a constant stream of quality results cleaning results. The higher the frequency of checkups, the better the technical quality.


The VSR Indicative Measuring System for Primary Education (VSR-IMPO) is a control system that has been set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science and other concerned parties (e.g. school managements and cleaning agencies). The goal of this system is to create clean school where students, teachers and the schoolboard together with the supplier of cleaning services share the responsibility of creating a school that is hygienic. The system has a dual task, the first one is to develop a, so-called, cleaning chart which states al the demands formulated by the educational establishment and the second one is to use the VSR-IMPO and the cleaning chart in unison to test if quality of the cleaning services are up to the standards which the ministry, the VSR and the establishment have set up.




Besides the existing VSR Practice Guidelines, another document has been published: the VSR Food Audit. This document provides cleaning services and facility services with the guidelines that should be followed in the food industry. As of a few years, we also use these guidelines in our line of work to provide advice and operate tests which will lead to the improvement of the quality of cleaning within the food industry. Again, we will form an objective judgement and create a plan of action to help overcome certain shortcomings present in the cleaning process in this field.





Interim management:


We offer temporary management replacement or support for our client’s organization when the client deems this necessary. WIM Facility Services has the right people with the necessary experience to help aid a company that is in need of facility support.


Whilst providing aid during tenders, we will make sure all guidelines set up by the European Union (EU) are followed correctly concerning governmental organizations and other institutions. We meticulously secure the goals set by our client, without losing sight of our strict and carefully crafted procedures. It is possibly to customize the tenders according to the client’s wishes, in order for the client to get what he wants.




Nationwide, we provide education regarding cleaning services. These trainings can take place at the client’s office buildings, a location of choice or our own education center in IJmuiden. Should the client like to customize the education, this could be provided on demand. For further information or if one would like the explore other options the urge you to contact us. Contact information is also provided on this website. We won’t sneeze at any effort necessary to achieve what we set out to do.